October 2015

Kaylee Priebe

October 13th, 2015by Jackson Priebe

Kaylee is my cuson.Kaylee is sosososo awesome and smart.Kaylee is 7 and a half,and Kaylee is in 2’grade.Kaylee loves donutsBreakfast of champions

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October 13th, 2015by Jackson Priebe

Jacob is my baby brother.Jacob is sososososo cute.That is my baby brother Jacob.


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With BeyBlades

October 12th, 2015by Jackson Priebe

With BeyBlades you can battle with friends in stadums,and you can train.With BeyBlades you can change parts,and colect parts.To battle with BeyBlades you need a reper,and you need a holder,and you need a strong BeyBlade.