January 2018

I am 11 :)

January 5th, 2018by Jackson Priebe

On December eighteen it is my birthday.I love birthdays especially mine I am sure you can agree.When I turned eleven I was jumping on my couch and just going crazy.Three days ago I was having a sleepover with my two best friends.They did not stay the night I was fine with that though.We watched a movie and played some soccer and Terraria.That was my birthday.:)


January 5th, 2018by Jackson Priebe

A few things I am afraid of are…..

#1.being alone

#2.olives cause they are gross 🙁

#3.going somewhere and my pants rip……..again

#4.Bees and Wasps

#5.Whales and Sharks

What 5th grade is like

January 4th, 2018by Jackson Priebe

When I got in 5th grade It was pretty boring but the 2nd week was cool we got to do math, reading, and science. that is where the fun began I have three wonderful teachers that help me when I am stuck I like going to school and learning things I will post on a regular basis