January 2019

How do talents appear, Have you ever wondered that

January 31st, 2019by Jackson Priebe

Talents appear when you are born. No one can interpret what the talents will be. You can only figure out what your talents are if you go out into the world and try out many things. All I can tell you is to live your live to the fullest because you don’ t know when it will end. Your talents will appear when they want to. You just need to be patient and wait.

P.S Pasta GOOD

Why 6th grade is horrible

January 31st, 2019by Jackson Priebe

The first reason my 6th grade is horrible is because you can not do any thing for anyone. The reason you can't do anything for anyone is because it will spread through the school overnight. Like how someone I will not state their name well they called someone ugly, and I said they weren't ugly and I made a fool of my self. Which made no sense to me. The second reason 6th grade is horrible is because there is so much bad language on the school and I can't handle what they say.I do not agree with the fact that their parents don’t know that they use that language